John Scotland Consultants | Facilitators, Trainers, Mediators and Consultants, Perth Australia

How we work

We use different approaches and techniques. Your requirements determine which ones are best.

So first, we will always seek to understand your business and the real problems you are trying to solve.

Needs assessment and evaluation

  • Prerequisite for other services
  • Process tailored to your environment and the questions you need to address
  • Typical techniques are climate surveys, interviews, behaviour profiling, focus groups, consultations, organisational analysis and training needs analysis


Coaching is about improvement. We provide coaching in any area or topic where performance improvement is needed.

  • Trained, experienced and engaging coaches
  • Individual coaching for leaders, managers, supervisors and team members
  • Training in coaching skills for leaders, managers and supervisors


Training is about skill and attitude development in a group setting. We conduct training that is engaging, interactive, and focused on immediate application in the workplace.

  • Customised training programs to match your needs
  • Emphasis is on immediate application of skills and knowledge in the workplace
  • Post program follow up and coaching is offered and recommended
  • Reliable evaluation methods used

See the types of training we provide.


Group facilitation is very useful for assisting teams and organisations to address issues creatively and collaboratively, and achieve breakthrough progress. We are trained and experienced facilitators who help people in groups and teams open up to each other, solve their problems and create the future they want or need. Training in facilitation skills is available.

Examples of areas in which we conduct facilitation are

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Team or group problem solving
  • Team building and development
  • Organisational consultations
  • Community development and consultations

Mediation and conflict resolution

We are skilled mediators, experienced in assisting pairs, small groups and businesses to understand and make decisions about their differences. We also facilitate negotiations between business groups and provide training in conflict management, difficult conversations and conducting negotiations.

John Scotland is an accredited mediator and a professional member of Resolution Australia. 

Read about our mediation services

People systems

We tailor our proven people systems for your business.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • People and performance development
  • Performance management
  • Career paths and career development
  • Workplace safety
  • Continuous improvement
  • Workplace writing and writing style guides