John Scotland Consultants | Facilitators, Trainers, Mediators and Consultants, Perth Australia

About us

Committed to increasing your organisation’s value and productivity

John Scotland Consultants was founded in 2006. We’re a collective of like-minded professionals who apply ourselves to improving the quality of leadership, employee engagement, team effectiveness and performance delivery. We also believe learning and development activities should provide real, observable and measurable results.

We share values of

  • continuous and applied learning
  • partnerships
  • customer focus
  • measurable results
  • responsive service
  • unlimited potential

We aim to be energetic and inspiring. The kind of people you want to call when

  • your people need additional skills
  • you don’t seem to be connecting with your people
  • your people don’t seem to be on the same page as you
  • you are spending more time sorting out people problems
  • people don’t do the job you asked them to do
  • conflict that doesn’t get resolved and bogs down the workplace
  • your people don’t seem to take full responsibility for their work
  • productivity is stagnant or falling
  • you want to take your business to the next level

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