John Scotland Consultants | Facilitators, Trainers, Mediators and Consultants, Perth Australia


The people who work with John

John’s associates share his personal and professional values and commitment to delivering quality outcomes.

James Bull

James is a writer who specialises in developing marketing and business communications content that is easy to read and gets attention.  He has strong credentials in web content writing and can provide strategic advice about online communication and website planning.

James works exclusively with clients who need a writer who becomes an active participant in their business or organisation for the long term.

John Newman

John Newman is an educator and specialist consultant in IT systems, quality and project management. He brings many years of management, consulting and training experience combined with a highly creative approach to problem solving together with a valuable attention to detail.

John has a strong track record of successfully developing and implementing solutions to quite complex project, systems and organisational problems. With a strong desire to achieve, John’s engaging personal style helps build and lead teams that are highly collaborative and achievement focused.

Tim Law

Tim is a trained and experienced counsellor, mediator and investigator. As a Social Worker working with government and private agencies, an Employee Counsellor with Australia Post and a senior consultant, Tim has assisted many individuals and groups, primarily in the workplace, to successfully manage or resolve conflict and internal difficulties.